In Love and Laundry by Amanda Barbour

I keep finding you in my pocket like
the fortune from that cookie
two weeks ago. And yes,
I know I need to wash my jeans.

But instead, I draw a heart
just above the cuff, on the inside
where no one will see, and in the heart
I write our initials:

Yours and mine with
a plus sign in between, in ink.
But I know that the Tide
will still wash away any trace.

You are delicate
and I am off-balance.
But baby, I think
you could soften me.

I want to spin with you and
lay flat to dry,
but I’m afraid I’ll make
your colors fade.

We are hot and cold, so I’ll delay this
cycle. I put my hands in the
pockets of these worn out jeans
and find:

“Every flower blooms
in its own sweet time.”


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