Dallas Hall, SMU

Dallas Hall, SMU

A warm welcome to S.M.U.’s Graduate Liberal Studies Program and its continuing on-line literary journal, Pony Express(ions). We invite you to spend some pleasurable reading and viewing time by “thumbing through” the pages that follow, seeing through the work of our students what the GLS Program is truly all about. Southern Methodist University’s Graduate Liberal Studies Program enjoys a long and historical presence. Established in 1968, our GLS program is the third oldest of its type behind only Wesleyan University (1953), and Johns-Hopkins University (1962); it continues vibrantly today with approximately 300 graduate students, over forty SMU faculty, and a wide variety of courses in the Humanities, the Social Sciences, Creative Writing, Organizational Behavior, Fine Arts, and Human Rights. Additionally, the GLS program offers a DLS (Doctorate of Liberal Studies) program that was established as the third in existence.

The program’s strength lies in the strong ties among its graduate students, faculty, and administration. Rigorous but compelling, the coursework “returns to the present,” representing the idea that all things are connected. Interdisciplinary in its nature, the program allows each student to design his or her own degree program. If you seek both breadth and depth in learning, you will find a home in Southern Methodist University’s Graduate Liberal Studies Program. For more information, contact mls@smu.edu or 214-768-4273.


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